Medium Mixer

Critic: Carlos Jimenez
Prompt: Branch Library


Midtown Mediuim Mixer

Program / Branch Library
Location / Houston, TX

Medium Mixer problematizes the diminished role of the branch library by orchestrating a mixing of digital and physical mediums.  The project advocates for an expanded definition of the library to include a job training center.  The digital promendade begins with the sunken film room and rises as the public face of the project.  The ramps host job training theaters, yet always thread users back into the physical media block.  The mixing revolves about stacked reading rooms set at the center of the project.  Located at a downtrodden intersection in Houston, the polycarbonate façade produces a hyper interior by blurring and abstracting the surrounding context.  Light wells at either side of the reading rooms flood the interior with light.  While the project’s thrust remains largely internal, the façade lifts at the corners to provide shelter and entry. 

Studio Critic: Carlos Jimenez

Keegan Hebert Media Mixer Model
Keegan Hebert Media Mixer Section A
Exploded Axon.jpg
Keegan Hebert Media Mixer Section B
Keegan Hebert Media Mixer Section C
Keegan Hebert Media Mixer Interior Rendering
Level 03.jpg
Level 02.jpg
Keegan Hebert Media Mixer Model